Ross and Wendy's Travels

Day 1 - 16th November 2023. Started our return journey. The route was Kleismata in Kefalonia to Sami. Then the ferry from Sami to Astakos on the mainland, then a drive to Igoumenitsa then the overnight ferry to Bari on the Italian coast.
Left Kleismata at half eight in the morning to go to Sami to catch the 9:45 ferry to Astakos. Wendy had already bought the tickets from a travel agent in Argostoli so didn't need to bother with that at the port. Two hours twenty minutes journey - luckily the weather was lovely so could sit outside - especially as there was what seemed to be a school trip on board on their way to Thessaloniki. From Astakos it was about two and a half hours drive to Igoumenitsa. We should really have done more exploring and had a nice lunch on the way and arrived in Igoumenitsa much later as there was an awful lot of waiting about for the ferry at 23:59. By the time we made it onto the ferry we were starving, knackered and (I was) grumpy. Salad and wine in bed on the ferry and then wake up in Italy the next morning. An hour to get the car off the ferry and nearly another hour getting out of the port, but now on the motorway heading for Lucca.
Any reference to 'I' is the author - Wendy!

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